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Danielle Petterd 

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Our Story

Our It Takes a Village Hub Canterbury pay it forward pages were started in December 2016, this quickly grew into the It Takes A Village Hub we all know and love today. At the latest count, the pages have over 30,000 members who regularly pay forward all kinds of items from dining chairs to highchairs. We couldn't run these pages without the help of all of our amazing volunteers in the background, and we are thankful for all of their help, past and present.

It became very clear, very early on though, that there was a gap in the local community - a support network for low to middle income families in need.  Baby bundles was the first offering from the group that aimed to help these families, providing them with a free care package, without judgement of their situation, income, background or any other factor - we believe everyone needs a little extra help sometimes.

The bundles are a way to share the resources in our community, to reduce land fill of clothes that are in great condition, to reuse baby toys and equipment that might otherwise have been discarded, and to create a village of support for families and individuals in the region.

The pay it forward groups are still here, although we have focussed on the two keys ones at the moment. 

Our Purpose

A charitable organization that will provide Canterbury communities with a support network, resources and other free services that will enable members of the communities to better themselves as individuals, their families, neighbours and friends; bringing the community together in a modern world, as a village of support.

Our Mission Statement 

To provide support, resources and service that is free from judgement, within a safe, respectful and understanding environment, to the best of our ability, to members of the Canterbury regions. We will not discriminate against any individual, family or community, no matter their religious belief, political preference, racial background, status. personal preference or history.

We aim to create a Village of support in the Canterbury Region that is readily available to anyone who needs us.


The Hub is governed by a management board, there are currently 3 members of the board, who meet formally each month. It Takes A Village Hub (NZ) are registered with the Charities Services where we file annual reports.

Our values

Inspirational – create an engaging space that inspires self-confidence to achieve personal goals

Transparent – 100% trustworthy and fair to all of our stakeholders and clients

Approachable – consistently evolving to meet our local environment, economical and client’s needs

Value – providing services that are fundamental to our concept and add value to our client’s day to day lives.