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A donation to our charity doesn't have to be a lot - we appreciate all of the support we are given and only use the funds to further our goal as a charity. Below are some examples of how much we can do with your valuable contribution.

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It Takes a Village


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 $5 will provide a child with their own dining set, special just for them so that they always have the tools to fill their tummy!

$30 will purchase a warm, waterproof, winter coat - an item many of us take for granted but know when we need it. 95% of our bundle recipients ask for this - with a number of families ONLY asking for a coat or jacket for their little ones.

$100 will provide two families with sustainable nappies, that is an individual family saving of nearly $1000 per child, per family, per year! And the most beautiful part is that this option helps reduce plastic waste in landfills.

$400 Will provide a full bundle to a family in need. With an average of 30 bundles per week, across the baby and toddler offering, we provide almost $12,000 of support within the wider Canterbury region every 7 days.