Other agencies doing great work

Wrapping around our families is in need to the key to what It Takes a Village Hub, NZ is all about.  Through the work we do in the community we link in with other agencies some of them are listed below please make sure you check them out and support them as well. 

If you would like a more detailed list of agencies and services in the Canterbury community please follow the link through to our Local support services in Canterbury page. 

A7 Paediatric Medical Ward
Each year It Takes a Village run a toy drive to provide good quality, safe toys, that are washable,  to the Christchurch Hospital children's ward, these toys save the hospital valuable funds to provide entertainment to the children that are required to stay in the ward.

Kiwi Family Trust

The amazing team at Kiwi Family trust provide ITAV with hand knitted items to include in our Baby and Toddler bundles. Each item is carefully detailed with its own label to state who made the item and how best to take care of it when washing to last a lifetime.