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Our bundles are designed to take some of the pressure off families and individuals who are struggling and are unable to provide the basics for their child from birth to the age of 5. Please check out below for more details of what are in our bundles dependant on our stock of donations. If you would like to donate any of the items listed below please head over to our Donations to our charity page.

Baby Bundles 

Our Baby bundles  were started in 2018, the bundles can contain clothing from birth up to size 6-12 months which include hats, mittens, booties, socks and sleepsacks.

In our baby bundles we can also include bedding for bassinets and cots as well as blankets, mattress protectors and swaddles.

Feeding and bathing items such as body wash, lotion, towels, breastpads, breastpumps, bottles, bibs, bowls plates and cutlery.

Nappies and wipes are also a key part of our baby bundles.

We also provide educational books and toys.

Sometimes we do receive larger items to give to our families such as baby bags, baths, bath supports, bassinets/ pepi pods,  bouncers,  front packs and highchairs but these are only if we have them donated.

If you wish to apply for a Baby bundle please click here to fill in our application form.

Toddler Bundles

A typical Toddler bundle will contain 7 changes of clothes for the size requested, this includes seasonal items such as tights and long sleeve tops to make a summer dress appropriate all year around. We try to provide shoes in the current size and a pair in the next size up.

We provide cot and single bed sheets and either duvet covers or blankets appropriate to the size.

Toys, books, a dining set, and a lunchbox for pre-school are - the items that can easily be overlooked when an unexpected bill comes in.

We also provide a towel, toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrush, nappies and wipes.

Occasionally we have larger items such as ride on toys, backpacks, duvet inners, baby-gates that we can provide, but these are only if we have donations of them available at the time.

If you wish to apply for a Toddler bundle please click here to fill in our application form.

Referral service

It Takes A Village Hub (NZ) is here to help, we accept referrals from all recognised agencies within New Zealand. To refer your client, please click here.