Terms and conditions - Bundle Applicants

Baby and toddler bundles will only be provided to the main caregivers. Occasionally, as part of our due diligence process we may ask for proof of custody, this is not intended to cause offence.

Bundles are available to anybody that is in need of a little extra help - however we reserved the right to decline an application at our discretion, although we will endeavour to advise the applicant why that decision was made.

Applicants are permitted to one full bundle (baby) - this may be split into two part bundles or instalments based on preferred size, although only one set of consumables / bedding  will be provided.

Where an applicant  has requested instalments, this may be on two packs, or portions of packs. E.g. newborn to size 3-6 months, 6 months to 1 year, 3 months to 1 year.

Full bundles will be provided where no preference has been provided.

Baby bundles are provided on a one per child basis. It takes A Village reserve the right to change this at the discretion of the Charity board at any time, without notice.

Toddler bundles are provided on a per child basis, and can be requested every 12 months, to a maximum of five bundles per child between the ages of 1-5.

It takes a village takes no responsibility for any manufacturing faults of the goods provided, and does not operate a returns policy. The items provided are gifted on a good faith basis, and do not affect any defects that would routinely be covered by your statutory rights.

“Consumables “ are classed as the following:

Nappies, wipes, soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary items, (such as pads, tampons, breast pads) Toothbrushes, toothpaste, any/all creams (nappy cream, nipple cream, moisturiser), hair-ties, hairbrush, combs, disposable nappy bags, milk bags, or any other items that would routinely be replaced upon use.

We endeavour to inspect all donated clothes for stains, significant wear, damage, mildew and overall condition. Items provided as part of a bundle shall be fit for purpose.

We STRONGLY recommend that all items in the bundles are washed prior to use / wearing, as we do not have the facilities to wash these at ITAV. We also recommend that any item provided should be cleaned including shoes, bedding, toys and/or equipment.

Occasionally ITAV have larger items available such as bassinettes, cots, highchairs, capsules, car seats, baths, pushchairs and other such items. These items are provided on an as and when available basis and not an ongoing offering.

We are not able to assist with assembly of larger items that may have been provided, such as cots.

There may be circumstances where ITAV have not been able to supply all of the requested items in the application, ITAV is an organisations that relies heavily on community donations, if an item becomes available at a later stage we may contact the applicant to see if they would like to receive it, however this is at the discretion of ITAV, and as a general rule, once the bundle is handed over, the application shall be closed.

ITAV is a registered charity and as such does not charge for any bundles, Persons identified as having sold a bundle, or items donated to them as part of a bundle will be automatically removed from any ITAV social media sites, and placed on a “BAN” list. They will no longer be able to apply to the charity for further assistance. Any selling  of items is a breach of the terms and conditions agreement at the point of application, the matter may be referred to the relevant authorities.

ITAV does not provide: 

ITAV is a safe, non-judgement space, we do not discriminate against an individual or group of individuals regardless of ethnicity, circumstances, religion, age, sex, disability, social standing or lifestyle preference, sexual orientation, gender identification, immigration status, political opinion. We are here to help.

As part of our application process, we collect information from our clients to identify their needs, and how to contact them when their bundle is ready for collection. In some cases, we may collect information relating to the clients, or childs date of birth. We also may request proof of identification and take note of the type, version and validity of the identification. 

Where personal information is collected for the purpose of the bundle program, we will ensure that any details are kept confidential and used only for the purpose intended. It Takes A Village Hub is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 2020.

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying, hate speech or online ‘trolling’ - all matters relating to this shall immediately be reported to the relevant authorities.

We do not tolerate abuse to our team members, or members of our community. Persons identified as being abusive will be immediately removed from all platforms of ITAV, and the matter referred to the relevant authorities.